What is Virtual Identity?

Understanding the virtual identity

We usually talk about businesses having different kinds of threats, but these threats aren’t just limited to businesses. Individuals can also have these threats if an individual identification number is stolen. With the help of that Individual identification number, a hacker can do multiple crimes such as taking the loan, send messages, withdraw money, and whatnot. This can result in major damage in credit score and spoil the reputation of not just business owners but of any individual.

The best way is to keep such sensitive information away from the internet and only to share information on verified and secured sources. But this isn’t just as simple as it looks so let’s discuss some of the common ways through which individuals can protect themselves against any kind of identity theft.

      1.      Personally identifiable number

This goes without saying that information like social security number, addresses, date of birth, and other sensitive information that proves the person’s identity should be used on the internet with a lot of care and discretion. Sometimes you might receive a phishing email from any credible organization that looks legitimate and ask you for your personal identity. But you must be very careful and recognize such emails

      2.      Financial credentials

Financial information is like an asset to hackers. If they can’t use your financial information for their own personal gain, then they can easily sell your credit card details and other information in the black market and make money in that way. In any way, the hacker will make money and pursue this information.so it’s your responsibility to make sure that your information is safe and secure. Never ever store your information on your computer or any local site. If even, you are using your card to make online payments so make sure that the site you are making payment in to is secured and encrypted with a security certificate.

      3.      Other sensitive data

Other sensitive data such as login email, password, the username is a great way for a hacker to excess your social media accounts. With such information, a hacker can get access to your emails, shopping accounts, social media accounts and gain a lot of data and personal information. The best way to do this is to create a complex password by using multiple tactics such as a combination of number and alphabets, Upper and lower case, symbols, etc. this will make your password strong and secure your information.

     4.      Secure your identity today

Securing your identity from hackers can’t be that easy but we can help you in doing that. If you are interested in saving your identity then reach out to us at 123456789