What is IOT (Internet Of Things)?

Understanding the internet of things

As technology grows, the internet becomes most common and getting available almost everywhere. There was a time when the internet was something new and unique but now its most common than anything. People can’t live without food but not without the internet.

According to research, there are 26 billion devices that are connected to the internet. So, as a businessperson, now you need to understand how the internet can impact your business and how you need to protect your business from several hackers available online. In this article, we will tell you how you can make the thing work for you

What is the internet of things?

According to IT, glossary by Gartner, the internet of things is “a set of physical objects that contains certain embedded technology to interact and communicate with the external environment and internal sense” In simple words devices that can be connected to the internet can automatically influence external environment with the use of internet connection.

Essentially, you must understand that do these devices pose a threat to your business activities. You must take important steps to protect your business.

Protect the network security of your business

No matter what your business is but securing your business network should be the top priority of your list. It goes without saying network security is one of your key elements whether IoT poses a threat to your business or not. This involves keeping all your systems updated and patching known vulnerabilities.

However, the key problem with network security in the era of the internet of things is so many devices getting connected to the internet, so you need to make sure that you are taking effective measures for it.

Reinforce your BYOD strategy

Maximizing the security of your network will make you win in the race against the threat of IoT. More devices will be getting connected to your network that means more technology will come to your place. So, you must draft your strategy and emphasize on it

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