IT Solutions and support for Professional Service companies

There are several reasons why one starts a business, it could have been you wanted to share your passion with the world, you saw a need for a particular product or service and wanted to help others or you wanted to save the world. No matter what the reason was, IT issues should not be something to worry about. We have a solution to your IT issues!

OmniPush IT Solutions has substantial experience working with professional services such as law firms, architects, accountants, engineers and financial advisors. We help taking care of some of the similar issues they face such as slow network, ability to work remotely, data corruption and security.

Having OmniPush IT Solutions as a partner you will benefit from:

  • A complete IT department at your disposal – experienced support whenever you need it
  • Flexibility – pay only for what you need, as you need it
  • Improving your staff’s morale – removing the stress of waiting on a slow computer.
  • Fast response times – get back to business as quickly as possible

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    We provide Managed IT support for a wide range of clients within various fields including:

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