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IT Networks might just be the most important and complicated part of your business. Keeping track of their performance can be highly stressful and any lapse in service can cost you a fortune. Add to that the stress of network security and you have a highly problematic situation on your hands. Fortunately, network assessment is a thing and it can be your ultimate savior.

Network assessment – The Proactive Solution

When you lose track of your growing infrastructure, identifying the problems behind an underperforming network can get complicated. This is where network assessment comes in as a proactive solution to your IT problems.

A Network assessment is an evaluation of your IT infrastructure, network security, management, processes and performance which is used to highlight the current state of your network and the areas for improvement.

How Network Assessment can help

In order to move forward, you must first know where you currently stand. Network assessment helps you gauge your starting point so you can move towards progress. Here’s how network assessment can make a difference:

  • Optimize Resource Allocation – Network assessment can help you identify underused and overused resources so you can optimize resource allocation for improved efficiency.
  • Identify bottlenecks – Bottlenecks caused by insufficient bandwidth can considerably slow down your network. A network assessment will help you identify and rectify bottlenecks for improved performance.
  • Find Security loopholes – Network security is always a huge concern. A network assessment can identify security loopholes and vulnerabilities beforehand so you can rectify them before it’s too late.
  • Assess the advantage of a new upgrade/addition – A network assessment is also beneficial for assessing the pros and cons of adding a new upgrade or new technology to an existing system.

Network Assessment Services

Operating in NYC and the surrounding areas, OmniPush is an IT solutions company of the future. We believe in empowering businesses to take control of their IT networks and make informed decisions which guarantee success. Our Network assessment services seek to educate businesses about the condition of their existing networks in order to encourage growth and betterment.

Keeping up to date with your network can help you streamline it for maximized efficiency. So if you’re frustrated with your underperforming network or just want to add new components, network assessment can help you decide on the best solution.

Contact us now for an assessment and build a better network for your business.

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