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Modern businesses are moving towards more flexible solutions for handling their IT operations and cloud-based services are the obvious answer. In the midst of many new cloud-based options, Microsoft Azure has emerged as a popular choice among businesses seeking to enter the exciting, new world of cloud computing.

Azure Consultant nycMicrosoft Azure is a cloud computing platform that allows businesses to use resources flexibly in order to achieve better computational capabilities minus the overhead of acquiring them in-house. Many businesses have recently adopted this practice but most don’t know how to leverage this power the right way. OmniPush IT solutions connect your business to Microsoft Azure experts that can help you get the most out of the platform.

Microsoft Azure management for smart cloud solutions

Azure is a highly robust and useful platform that businesses can use to optimize their applications and work more flexibly and securely. However, there is considerable expertise required to make the most out of it.

At OmniPush, we provide all kinds of services to help elevate your cloud experience so you can focus on your core business.

Here are some of the cloud services available for Azure management.

Build an infrastructure

Infrastructure services help your business build an IT infrastructure with Azure. Using Microsoft Azure’s IaaS, we help you maintain, manage and control your business applications over the platform.

Migration services

Migrate from a private cloud to Azure with our special migration services created for a problem free shifting process.

recovery and backup services

Recover and backup your data and applications on the cloud with Microsoft Azure and with the help of our expert Cloud professionals.

Why Azure managed services?

Switching to the cloud can be a huge investment but it’s definitely worth it. Here are some reasons why you need Azure Management to make your investment count:

  • Skip expensive hardware and build a high-performance infrastructure using Microsoft Azure
  • Stay up to date about the health of your system with constant monitoring
  • Cloud provides backup and recovery options for best business continuity results
  • Increase security standards with full-time security scans
  • Get the most out of your cloud services

OmniPush gives you access to the leading Microsoft Azure experts to provide the best cloud experience. Contact us now for Managed Azure services to streamline your business operations.

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