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The Legal Industry is a world where mistakes are simply not acceptable; it is a world where clients’ privacy is top priority, and they should be kept in a safe and secure manner. Strict regulations dictate how records need to be kept and OmniPush IT Solutions can help you use technology to achieve these, and other, goals.

Common Issues Law Firms face that we are able to solve

 Risk Management Tools.
 Practice management software
 Time stamping, tracking, and call accounting.
 Billing and accounting.
 Dictation and call recording.
 Conflict checking.
 Filing and case management.

How we help

OmniPush IT Solutions provides a full-service law firm IT support. More cost-effective than having in-house IT support, outsourced IT offers the following benefits, among many others:

 Personnel who are always trained to use the latest technology
 A variety of different skill sets among the personnel available
 Fast response in crises
 Support for all networks, no matter how large or small
 Computer support, from servers to desktops
 Data backup services

These services are all available from absolute experts when you work with OmniPush. Your company never has to worry about providing training and other incentives to in-house staff and only pays for the services, not the personnel who deliver them.

OmniPush can provide services that allow law firms to thrive and grow. By using our experience and knowledge to take care of issues that may manifest—including providing on-site IT support—and by preventing issues with proper maintenance and updates, OmniPush IT Solutions allows your law firm to get back to winning cases for your clients and not to spend time worrying about the technology that supports that endeavor.

From procurement to disaster recovery to protect your email servers from being flooded with spam, OmniPush IT Solutions can help.

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