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Healthcare IT support
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Much like many other businesses, the healthcare sector can also benefit greatly from the efficiency provided by IT services. From managing patient records to streamlining the communication between employees, a sound IT infrastructure can provide the means to make underlying operations easy so you can focus on delivering the best healthcare to the ones in need.

OmniPush is a leading IT company striving to make healthcare more efficient through technology. With our expertise on HIPAA compliance and EHR Software experience, we can give your practice a distinct edge over others in the business.

IT Solutions dedicated to medical offices

OmniPush provides special IT services for healthcare firms making a difference. Through a high-functioning technology, we seek to empower medical professionals to build a more efficient practice that benefits patients and the business.

  • 24/7/365 Remote Monitoring & Repair

Just like your healthcare solutions, our IT support is also available 24/7/365, so your patients can get your services at all times without any delay.

  • EHR Support

Electronic Health Records are crucial for maintaining your patients’ history and for the right diagnosis. We provide EHR Support and implementation to store patient records with an added layer of protection efficiently.

HIPAA/HITECH Compliance & Support

Our expertise with HIPAA and other industry standards allow us to create an analysis and management plan that are complying with the rules and regulations. HIPAA and HITECH compliance can help your service stay free of scrutiny and suspicion.

  • Protection from Malicious Entities

Virus, spyware, malware, and data breaches can harm your practice and your reputation. We provide all-round protection to help you stay secure.

HIPAA risk analysis and Management

Our HIPAA Risk Analysis & Management Plan helps us create the best privacy practices for your healthcare operations.

  • Gather, store, and access confidential patient information securely.
  • Minimize risks and vulnerabilities with a sound management plan and working strategies.
  • Scan for vulnerabilities and areas of compliance.
  • Analysis of your operation for added improvement

With OmniPush, you can avoid breaching HIPAA and other industry regulations while making your medical practice more efficient than ever before.

If you think you are lagging in terms of technology, contact us now for an all-in-one solution to support your healthcare service for a fresh start!

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