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Cloud Computing

It seems as if everyone is talking about the cloud and why not? Ideal for small business, the cloud is creating quite a storm and now you can be a part of it as well!

Who doesn’t want their business to become twice as efficient and productive while costing them little in the running? While this is the result that every business owner wishes for, actually getting there is the question. The answer is? OmniPush IT based Solutions.

Cloud Solutions

How will we do it?

For businesses in the startup phase or even those that are small, it’s very cumbersome to manage records and correspond with offices or stores scattered in the city, or have an established link with the main office as they don’t have or can’t afford, ready and by-standing IT personnel to fix problems with the software or hardware.

In such a devastating scenario, your best option is? That’s correct, the cloud. And this is where we come in. Our skilled technicians; who are also extensively trained in all things IT; just need to have a look at the current infrastructure of your computing network and determine the changes required to make your business cloud efficient.

Are Cloud Computing Solutions for Small Businesses, a Good Idea? 

Opting for cloud solutions is not a new idea and is now being implemented by businesses all over the world. Not sure whether this is a good solution for your business? These benefits will perhaps cement your decision…


    • Increased Simplicity: This automatically means a significant increase in employee productivity.
    • Very Cost Effective: Not just in a specific area but overall as well, with reduced hardware, software, management and maintenance costs.
    • Untold Convenience: With a cloud application, you can make the most of your limited IT staff.

Our Cloud Solutions Consist of:

  1. Software as a Service: Many software programs are needed in business to run it smoothly and efficiently. We will provide fully developed and designed applications to you as per your demand so that you don’t have to go through the trouble. Common software application types are:
    • Customer Relationship Management
    • Security
    • Email
    • Calendaring
  2. Infrastructure as a Service: With this service, you can significantly reduce the costs of maintaining, buying or operating equipment needed to run your business.

Get All the Help That Your Business Needs

Our Cloud Solutions can help improve your capability to share access and protect your company’s confidential data as well as all information required to make it run smoothly. Like other businesses, perhaps it is time to take the plunge into efficient and convenient cloud computing solutions. Don’t worry, we’ll catch you and put you down; feet first.

Have Questions About Your IT Infrastructure Or Cyber Security?

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