Business Technology Solutions

You can take advantage of a wide array of business solutions that Omnipush IT Support has to offer, to help start-up and small to mid-range businesses achieve better mobility and attain accelerated growth.

Our advanced and numerous buying options and technologies are specially designed to empower smaller organizations with an increasingly mobile workforce and to provide them with simple and effective IT solutions so that they can stay ahead of their competition.

We Provide Secure Access to Business Applications, Anywhere

We understand that your employees need and want the flexibility to work wherever they choose; whether it’s at a hotel, office or the nearest café.

To make this work as efficiently and effectively as possible, our IT Solutions can give your employees access to secure and safe desktop apps so that they can work anywhere, on any device.

You Can Keep Your Information Secure and Business Mobile

Although consumer mobile devices can effectively increase the mobility strategy of your organization and allow employees to work from wherever the business takes them just as efficiently as when within the walls of the office, such devices don’t always guarantee security of your intellectual property and customer data; a risk which you can’t afford to take.

If only there was a way to let your employees work from anywhere and on any device while keeping important and confidential data safe. Wait, there is!

Now you can increase your business mobility as well as implement BYOD, simply by managing the access of the users to data and business apps, through our Mobility and Data Sharing solutions.

With Our Business Solutions, You Can Simplify Desktop Management

An increasingly mobile workforce demands that they have access to their apps and desktops on a multitude of devices to get their work done efficiently. While beneficial for any organization, the demand for this convenience and its cost; makes it very difficult for any IT department to securely manage and allow access to desktops and apps to employees on any device.

The solution to this problem is to centralize the management of apps and desktops, which will drastically reduce administration costs and ensure quality and uninterrupted productivity for your business in the long run.

With our Desktop Virtualization solutions, now you can easily install, update and troubleshoot all your company’s or desktop’s apps, which means less time spent on desktop management and more of it on taking IT to the highest level!

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