IT Solutions and Support
for Accounting and CPA Firms

From preparing tax forms to handling tax returns and managing different financial details, the job of an accountant is highly demanding and multi-dimensional, with little to no room for errors. This is why much like many other businesses, accounting firms and CPA’s have turned to technology to meet their growing needs.

A high-functioning and cutting edge technology infrastructure can take the day-to-day operations of accounting and finance and make them highly efficient. Newly emerging technologies are quickly changing the world of accounting and you need the right tech-savvy support to incorporate these game-changing innovations into your firm.

At OmniPush, we aim to provide an IT backbone that can elevate your accounting operations for maximized efficiency and productivity. We help you stay up to date on the tech side so you can focus on your core business activities to gain a competitive edge for your accounting business.

Dedicated IT support for accounting and CPA firms

With a firm grasp of the challenges faced by the accounting firms in today’s world, OmniPush has dedicated a host of IT support services to accountants and CPAs. When people’s financial information is at stake, there are no excuses for negligence and OmniPush understands the sensitive nature of the work to provide services that are reliable, fast and accurate.

  • Data Security and Compliance
  • Server Maintenance and Management
  • Email Management
  • Data Backup & Business Continuity Planning
  • Maximizing Network Speed and Efficiency
  • 24/7 monitoring or Network Systems
  • Development of Web Application
  • And much more!

Why choose OmniPush for your accounting firm?

  • Reliable data backup services with industry standards and compliance measures
  • High-end security services to protect sensitive financial information
  • Fast and efficient network for optimized services to clients
  • Stay in touch with the most cutting edge technology such as clouds, automation and much more!
  • Crisis management, data recovery and business continuity planning to minimize loss.

OmniPush is an NYC based IT company providing technology solutions to accounting firms all over the tristate area. If your accounting firm is in need of a technological overhaul, call us now to learn more about our services.

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