24/7 Monitoring

Critical situations may appear at any time requiring immediate attention and putting your business at risk. In order to detect these glitches and prevent failures early, it is essential to have a good monitoring system integrated into the infrastructure of your company.

Benefits of our 24/7 IT monitoring support

No one knows when serious trouble might strike. 24/7 IT monitoring of your IT infrastructure is the only way to achieve a sophisticated business that protects itself from threats. 24/7 IT monitoring allows you to:

  • Detect threats beforehand
  • Discover unusual activity round the clock
  • Cater to system failures which need immediate attention
  • Ensure business continuity
  • Keep an eye on business operations

OmniPush’s 24/7 IT monitoring solutions that never sleep

OmniPush IT Solutions will monitor all of your critical devices and services so that you can keep yourself focused on more pressing tasks.

Monitoring Services – 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year and More!

  • Detection of issues as soon as they occur
  • Restarting services right after a shutdown to prevent any downtime
  • Close monitoring and keeping track of all working devices and business applications
  • Development of IT budgets and plan purchasing decisions
  • Proactive Alerting and reporting

OmniPush’s IT support & monitor program is affordable, fast, and highly professional. Our 24/7 network monitoring system never sleeps because we believe your business deserves the best.

Remote Server Monitoring 

Our services include the provision of remote server monitoring. This tool allows us to easily check and analyze server availability from anywhere in the world. The proficiency of this tool enables us to be proactive rather than reactive resulting in fixing the bug ahead of time.

Your businesses can also take advantage of our analysis programs that include:

  • Antivirus and software update
  • Repairing
  • Backup checks
  • Usage reporting
  • Event log diagnosis

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    What to expect from our on demand IT services?

    24/7 IT support, available 365 days a year at an affordable fixed monthly cost
    IT issues resolved quickly, within just minutes
    Cost-effective IT support and IT services